Project Managers build upon the foundation established by PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Every PMs goal is to add insights and examples in their quest to make sense of and apply the PMBOK®.
A common shortcoming is to focus on
providing benefits (an output) and not articulating the benefit of the benefit (the outcome — value in business terms). Outputs are actual deliverables or products/services. Outcomes are the success criteria or measurable result of successful completion of the outputs. Emphasis is often placed on collecting outputs with little attention paid to outcomes. But outputs may have little intrinsic value unless they are linked to outcomes. For example, a complete project manager might state, “By initiating a project office to coordinate portfolio of projects [output], we select the right projects to meet our strategic goals and provide the key set of services required by end users [outcome].” These statements have a strong project management process behind them.


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